23 April 2007

V.V. Smyslov

Getting started on Smyslov's Sparklers,I know even less about Smyslov than about most other World Chess Champions (how is it possible?). Here's a short bibliography of references at hand, in chronological order.

• Smyslov, V.V. (translated by P.H. Clarke), 'My Best Games of Chess 1935-57'; Routledge & Keagan Paul Ltd (1958), Dover (1972); Forward ('Vassily Vassilievitch Smyslov') by P.A. Romanovsky, Preface by Smyslov.

• Winter, E.G. (editor); 'World Chess Champions'; Pergamon (1981); Ch.11 'Vasily Smyslov' by Ken Whyld (p.92-97).

• Kasparov, Garry; 'My Great Predecessors, Part II'; Everyman (2003); Ch.3 'Vasily the Seventh' (p.263-381, incl. 33 pages on Geller's career).

I also have a few books of the following type, but I can't find them just now.

• Botvinnik, M.; 'World Championship: The Return Match Botvinnik vs. Smyslov'; Chess Digest (1973).

I'll add any more that I happen to find.


• Kotov and Yudovich; 'The Soviet School of Chess'; Dover (1961); Part 2 / Ch.1 'Grandmasters', Vasily Smyslov (p.139-155). Botvinnik and Smyslov get no. 1 & 2 billing, with almost the same number of pages; the other 17 GMs are listed alphabetically.

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