05 May 2007

USSR vs. USA/GBR 1945-55

The next two games from Smyslov's Sparklers were played against Reshevsky in the 1945 USSR-USA radio match. Between 1945 and 1955, four matches were played between the two countries. In the same period, three matches were played between the USSR and Great Britain. Smyslov played in all seven matches with the following results.

1945U.S.A.Radio+2-0=0 vs.Reshevsky
1946Great BritainRadio+2-0=0 vs.Koenig
1946U.S.A.Moscow+2-0=0 vs.Denker
1947Great BritainLondon+1-0=1 vs.Golombek (Winter/Whyld says +1-1=0)
1954U.S.A.New York+0-0=4 vs.Reshevsky
1954Great BritainLondon+1-0=1 vs.Alexander
1955U.S.A.Moscow+4-0=0 vs.Bisguier

The Soviet players won all seven matches.

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