07 May 2007

Pay Per Post

I ran into this idea on the blog at chess.maribelajar.com: The Thousand Dollar Experiment and Pay Per Post - wrote my 10th article. At least I think it's the same idea. The blog, which is often very good, is unavailable half the time I try to visit it, and it's unavailable as I write this. Why keep a blog on an unreliable host when there are so many reliable services available?

Assuming there is only one 'Pay Per Post', a Google search brings up this site...

Pay Per Post

...which explains the process better than I can. The site's own blog is at blog.payperpost.com. I'm not encouraging this service, and I'm certainly not endorsing it, but it looks like a concept worth further investigation. My own experience with schemes to earn money from your web writing is that you'd make much more by working another job for minimum wage. In other words, they don't even begin to compensate you for the time required to do them right. Who knows? Maybe this one is different.

For more information:-

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,260,000 for payperpost blogs.


DumbWebProgrammer said...

But I visited that site and it is up.

GilaChess said...

Hi Mark,

I'm Andrew from the Chess Patzer blog you were talking about.

My Thousand Dollar Experiment is coming to an end and I can say that PayPerPost.com is certainly good for bloggers like me. I can see the revenue easily surpassing my own job salary in a few months time if I go at it.

However, I am reluctant to continue with it on my own chess blog because I had to post so many articles irrelavant to chess.

I'm opening more blogs to handle other topics like gadgets, webtools, health etc.

I don't know what the minimum wage is in your country but the money from PPP is certainly more than the minimum wage in Malaysia.

Thanks for the positive comment about my blog. About the downtime, I'm already looking into a possible shift to a new webhost.

Mark Weeks said...

Hi Andrew - Glad to hear that PayPerPost is working for you.

Re 'I am reluctant to continue with it on my own chess blog', that was pretty much what I meant with my comments on minimum wage etc. The schemes don't work with chess pages. My experience is that when people visit a chess page, they don't click on things that are irrelevant to chess.

Re 'Thanks for the positive comment about my blog', you're welcome. I thought you had already done something about the downtime, because on my last 4-5 visits, everything was working fine. When the time came to write about PayPerPost it was again unavailable. Murphy's Law, I guess. - Take care, Mark