06 January 2008

Fizkultura i Sport Black Books

I have a small collection of chess books published by Fizkultura i Sport, each one covering a single Soviet master. The cover for the book on Lilienthal is pictured below. The others in the series have similar covers; I call them the 'Black Books', after their covers.

I have books on the following masters (spelled according to Gaige and listed with date of publication):-

  • Aivars Gipslis (1987)
  • Eduard Gufeld (1985)
  • Ratmir Kholmov (1982)
  • Alexander Konstantinopolsky (1985)
  • Andor (book cover: 'Andre') Lilienthal (1989)
  • Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1987)
  • Viacheslav Ragozin (1984)
  • Peter Romanovsky (1984)
  • Alexey Suetin (1987)
  • Alexander Tolush (1983)
  • Alexander Zaitsev (1986)

A few others in the series that I know of, but haven't yet acquired:-

  • Semen Furman (1988)
  • Vladas Mikenas (1988)
  • Vasily Panov (1986)
  • Vladimir Simagin (1981)
  • Vladimir Makogonov (1990)

How many books were published in this series? Gambitchess.com lists the following (author; title; publisher; year), which appear to be Black Books:-

  • Gipslis; Best Games; Moscow, Fizkultura i sport; 1987
  • Arkhangelsky & Kimenfeld; Alexander Zaitsev; Moscow, Fizkultura i sport; 1986
  • Karpov; Semen Furman; Moscow, Medicina i fizkultura; 1988
  • Kholmov; Best games; Fizkultura i sport; 1982
  • Malkin; Alexander Kotov; Fizkultura i sport; 1984 (*)
  • ?; Vasilij Panov; Fizkultura i sport; 1986
  • Suetin; Alexej Suetin; Moscow, Fizkultura i sport; 1987
  • Tolush V.; Alexander Tolush; Moscow, Fizkultura i sport; 1983
  • Yudovich; Viacheslav Ragozin; Moscow, Fizkultura i sport; 1984

The books that I have can be compared against the Gambitchess PGN files to verify whether it is the same book or not. The book on Kotov (marked '*') appears to be an addition to the list. Are there more?

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