10 January 2008

Index to Petrosian's Exchange Sacrifice

Index to Petrosian's Exchange Sacrifice:

Petrosian's examples were repeated by other authors in other works. The games against Reshevsky, Tal, Gligoric, and Portisch were used in Kasparov's chapter on Petrosian in Predecessors III (see section 'Favorite Sacrifice'). The same games plus the game against Troianescu were used in Watson's 'Exchange Sacrifice' chapter in Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy (see Watson's Example Exchange Sacs for the full list).


phorku said...

Polugaevsky - Petrosian
Moscow 1983 - USSR Championship
19 ...RxBe3
Covered in:
Chess Secrets
The Giants of Strategy
by: Neil McDonald

It also covers the Reshevsky Zurich '53 game.

I really enjoy your blog and am amazed at your historical chess knowledge.

phorku said...

Spassky v Petrosian
World Championship Moscow 1969
30 ... Rc4
Spassky declines for 10 moves.
40 NxRc4

Mark Weeks said...

Hi phorku - Thanks very much for flagging both games. Do you have any more chess cartoons to share? The Fischer cartoon was great. - Mark