27 February 2008

Google Redirects on Chess.com

For the last week or so, Google has been displaying Chess.com, the no.1 entry on a search for 'chess', in a format that I've seen used elsewhere, but never for a chess site. The search results are shown in the following screenshot, where I've enlarged the Chess.com results to keep them readable.

The lower level entries are redirected through Google, e.g...

Against the Computer

...etc. Does this technique have a name? The key might be the '&usg=' parameter in the redirected URL, but I can't find it documented anywhere.


Rook House said...

It seems to only be with the bigger sites (Yahoo, Dell, E-Bay, etc.).

I will look into this as well. Please post here if you get an answer before I do.


Rook House said...

Found this explanation in an article on http://www.jumpindesign.com/pages/articles/read-full-article.php?idArticle=2504

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