25 June 2009

Embedded Books

Remember when all books that Google had scanned were available via Google Books? Times have changed and, in response to the uproar about copyright violations, there are now only a limited number of full books available, mainly -- you guessed it -- old books in the public domain.

Times might change, but changed or not, Google never sits still. In The Next Edition of Google Books [googleblog.blogspot.com], Google announced, 'We've added a feature that allows you to embed previews of books in your blog or website, so you can share pages of your favorite books as easily as you would a YouTube video'. Here's an example.

Unfortunately, fitting the embed into the Blogspot.com container renders the text nearly unreadable. Click on 'More about this book' to get a readable font and to learn that the essay is from 'The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India and its Dependencies', v. 5, 1818.

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