18 September 2009

The Lord of the King(s)

This clip probably makes more sense if you've read 'Lord of the Rings' (which I have, long ago), or seen the movie (which I haven't, maybe one of these days). When I first saw it, the count said '0 views', but it definitely deserves better than that.

The Lord of the King (3:16) • 'A video made for my friend who runs the Burley Junior High School Chess Club!'

'This Thursday. In Mr. Hank's room from 3:30 to 4:45. The battle for the chess board begins.'


Polly said...

What a wonderful video!! That is so clever. The creator of the video has done an awesome job tying in the "Lord of the Rings" theme to the video. I hope it brings in lots of kids. It would make a great promotional piece for a tournament.

Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed!