10 September 2009

Soviet Propaganda Chess Set

I'm not sure why, but this chess set -- Russian Soviet Propaganda Porcelain Chess (eBay.com) -- works for me on several levels.

The eBay description said,

Extremely high quality copy of a very rare Russian Soviet Propaganda Chess Set. Originally the set was created on Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in 1920’s by a very famous and important artist - Natalia Danko. It’s 100% impossible to find the original set for sale. This copy was made from an original set which is located in Lomonosov Porcelain Factory Museum. This copy is hand made, hand painted and is a very limited edition. The name of the set is: RED AND WHITE. Which is commemorating Red Army and White Army which fought during the Soviet Communist Civil War in former Russian Empire.

It's a good example of chess sets as miniature works of art, taking the pieces together or taking them separately. See the eBay auction for high quality photos showing the details.

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