21 May 2010

BBC: The Master Game

This legendary series of TV programs was one of the best chess series ever aired in English. I once saw it while on a business trip to London and was amazed by the quality.

TV Chess - Karpov vs Spassky - Fide World Cup 1982 1st Leg (1/3) (9:13) • 'An experiment in the 1980's showing chess on television in the style of the BBC "Mastergame" series, with players own comments added to the game.'

Both Karpov and Spassky explain their moves in terms that a club player can understand; presented by Jeremy James and Bill Hartston. Game 2: TV Chess - Spassky vs Karpov - Fide World Cup 1982 2nd Leg (1/3).


Ryan said...

Thank you SO much for posting this. I have fond childhood memories of watching The Master Game and have been trying to find video clips for ages.
I'm sure a similar show could work just as well today.

RobEssexUK said...

I have a number of video recordings of The Master Game from all that time ago including one between the late lamented Bent Larsen and Tony Miles. It's a gem!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I watched these videos on utube and I found them very amusing and instructive.