27 May 2010

Elegant Classical Chess Clock

What can you expect to find in Top eBay Chess Items by Price? Once in a while you find an unusual item like the Grandmaster Medal featured in the previous post. Most often you find chess sets of all descriptions, followed in frequency by rare books, followed by chess computers and chess clocks.

For this post I decided to feature the clock pictured in the following image. It received 13 bids and sold for GBP 585.00 ('approximately US $838.71', according to eBay.

The title said, 'Chess Clock Antique German Mechanism H.A.C. Wurttenberg', and the description read,

H.A.C Chess Clock • Elegant Classical Chess Clock. • Clock mechanism was made in Wurttenberg, Germany, then assembled by W.E. Tanner, Red Hill, Surrey, London. • Both clocks work and keep good accurate time. All original workings and hands etc. Workings visible as designed from viewing front of clock faces. Clocks encased in wooden surrounding frame with slight damage to both top front corners. The measurements of wooden frame / encasement stand is :- 26 cms long x 17 cms high x 8 cms wide. Each clock is 10.5 cms in diameter. Bevel edged glass faces are in excellent condition.

According to Google, 'HAC' stands for Hamburg American Clock Company, Wurttemberg, Germany. The search also led me to a Picasa page, Chess Clocks (www.dorland-chess.com), full of photos of handsome mechanical clocks.

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