07 June 2010

Where to Go From Here?

With one eye on What's Popular, What's Not, and the other eye on mark-weeks.com/aboutcom (Welcome to 'Chess for All Ages' : Index of Feature Articles : 2002-03 • 2004-05 • 2006-08), I developed a list of pages to copy from archive to my About.com work. Rounding out the Every Move Explained series, there remains to be done:-

As for other pages, these look promising:-

Another series to consider started with:-

The single article that I've converted from this series -- Sicilian Defense - 2...e6 Variations -- was at the top of the list in 'What's Popular, What's Not', but that might be a fluke. I'll convert one more to see if it has a similar success (2010-08-16, w/ separate index).

On 1 November 2008, I noted that for the embedded links to web.archive.org, my last working link was from 2 February 2008. Now the last working link is from 16 June 2008. That almost brings me up to the end of my time with About.com. Thanks, Archive.org!


Later: To keep track of which pages have been converted, I added links to the relevant post (plus the conversion date) whenever I converted a new page.

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