03 June 2010

World Championship Interest

The diagram shown below is a follow-up to the diagram I used in Searching for Amand - Topalon. It shows the number of page views (PVs) I received on my World Chess Championship site (see link on the sidebar to the right) for the months of April and May 2010, the period encompassing the recent Anand - Topalov match.

The numbers on the horizontal axis represent specific days during the two months: '1' = 1 April, '31' = 1 May, and '61' = 31 May. The two spikes are on 24 April and 11 May, the days corresponding to the first and last games of the match.

Between those two days, why was there more interest on some days than on others? For example, 30 April had twice as many PVs as 2 May. I have no idea why that is.

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