13 September 2010

About Face to Fischer (and Larsen)

Just like last year in Year End Pause on Old Material (17 August 2009), and for the same reasons, I'm going to take a break from converting my About.com material. Sometime early next year, I'll repeat the analysis from Apples to Apples (19 April 2010), What's Popular, What's Not (26 April), and Where to Go From Here? (07 June) to chart a new direction.

What should I do with my free day? I'll take a hint from a brand new comment ('Rest in peace, Bent !') to Fischer - Larsen, Portoroz 1958 (7 February 2008), and return to the series on 18 Memorable Months, last seen in August 2009.

Like many players, I have fond memories of Bent Larsen. I reminisced about these a few years ago on the About.com forum in unrelated posts titled Fischer vs. Petrosian at Belgrade 1970 and What was the top chess story of 2004? (both February 2005), as well as an episode of Top eBay chess items by price (September 2006). These memories are why I took exception to the petty characterization of Larsen that I criticized in Tales of Hoffman and Notes (both August 2007). Larsen was a great man as well as a great player.

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