23 November 2010

Two Items on GM Evans

Looking through resources at hand for info about Larry Evans (1932-2010), I came across the two items shown in the following table. On the left is the USCF rating list for events through 31 December 1951, the fourth such semi-annual list according to the April 1952 issue of Chess Review where I found it. On the right are six of Evans' own games, among the 101 selected for his 'Modern Chess Brilliancies', with links to Chessgames.com where they exist.

Evans - Bisguier, US Chp 1958

Evans - Berger, Amsterdam Izt 1964

Evans - Blackstone, 1st American Open 1965

R.Byrne - Evans, US Chp 1965

• Koehler - Evans, US National Open 1968

• Evans - Zuckerman, US Chp 1967

Throughout his career, Evans had a tremendous impact on American chess. None of today's player/writers comes close to him in stature.

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millie said...

Thanks for sharing this. His book "this crazy world of chess" was a fantastic read and fills a journalistic void in English language chess books.