07 December 2010

Recently Spotted - Blog Carnival & Soviet School

It's been a while since anyone has attempted a blog carnival. Here's a new one from the blog Confessions of a Chess Novice (chessconfessions.blogspot.com). A few years ago it was one of my favorite blogs, but then the rate of new posts declined. It looks like Blue Devil Knight is finally back.

I hope the events are hosted on a stable blog. Half of the events in the previous carnival, documented under one of my category labels on the right, were hosted on resources that no longer exist.


Like many chess players, I'm fascinated by the Soviet school, the subject of another of my category labels. Chessvibes.com recently ran a three part series titled 'The Big Dvoretsky Interview', which touches on the subject peripherally.

At about the same time, Chess-players.org (the ACP) posted an interview with Dvoretsky's co-author.

Several of their books have been re-published under different titles. I posted about the confusion a few years ago -- Dvoretsky & Yusupov -- in an effort to avoid buying the same work twice.

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Steve in TN said...

The blog under question would have been stable if the proprietor had not had to defend against threats of law suits and harassment from several factions in a certain federation's nonsensical spat. It all became way too much.