24 January 2011

The Longest Analyses

While studying the current game, R.Byrne - Fischer, U.S. Championship 1963, in this series on 18 Memorable Games, I noticed that Fischer's notes to 14.Rfd1 were almost a full page. Is this the move that received the most attention in My 60 Memorable Games? Not by a long shot it turns out.

The move that received the most attention in Fischer's memorable book is shown in the following diagram. He devoted two full pages (including two diagrams) to it, trying to prove that, contrary to Botvinnik's analysis, he had indeed missed a win against the reigning World Champion.

1962 Varna Olympiad
Fischer, Robert

Botvinnik, Mikhail
After 51.Kg3-f3

The five longest analyses are shown in the following table, with links to the corresponding game at Chessgames.com.

The last game in the list, Fischer - Shocron, is a game where Fischer spent a half page discussing a position in the Ruy Lopez Closed Variation. There are many analyses of similar length and this discussion happens to be slightly longer than the others.

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