04 January 2011

Time/Life Archives

Some months ago I posted about LIFE Magazine on Google with pointers to find copies of complete articles. If you're just looking for photos, don't miss Life.com: 1170 results 'chess'. Also worth knowing is Time.com: 1397 results 'chess', which highlights 'Covers' (for sale if you want to frame a copy) and 'Photo Essays' (just one, published at the time of Fischer's death). You can restrict the search to include, for example, only articles from 1972.

Similar results for Sports Illustrated are available at SportsIllustrated.cnn.com: 1348 results 'chess', although even when you sort by 'relevance', you get many articles on other sports where chess is used as a metaphor. First on the relevant list is currently 'Nadal is Federer's greatest foil'.

As long as I'm posting about mainstream news and photo archives, I might as well mention Google News Archive Search. It starts with a graphical overview of all articles from 1880-2011, then lets you drill down by period. The all time peak chess news coverage was in 1972, and I doubt this will ever change.

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