18 March 2011

'Korchnoi = Don Quixote'

'Korchnoi was really the first [chess grandmaster] to leave the USSR and the reason for that is actually very simple. You had to be crazy to do it.'

An old segment on a younger Korchnoi (4:34) • 'Insightful accounts on the life of the great chess grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi.'

Lone Pine, Coudari, Ljubojevic, Arrabal ('Korchnoi = Don Quixote'), plus lots of footage showing other top players. Can you identify them?

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ChessClues said...

I thought I recognized Sam Reshevsky with the cap later in the video and maybe James Tarjan earlier.

I've always admired Korchnoi for going his own way in life and on the board and though I've only seen a few annotated games by him I thought he was one of the better top master analysts too.