14 March 2011

More Capablanca

A few years ago I did a series called Capablanca's Games 'To be studied very carefully', based on positions from My Chess Career that Capablanca recommended 'be studied very carefully' (see the summary for a list of games and blog posts). I recently discovered that I overlooked two games:-

p.076 1913 New York, Kline - Capablanca
p.078 1913 Havana, Corzo - Capablanca

I'll spend a few posts covering those. While I'm at it, I'll compare Capablanca's annotations to his 1921 match with Lasker against the notes for games from that match selected by Kasparov for Predecessors I: games 5, 10, & 11. Kasparov seems to have overlooked that Capablanca wrote notes to the games, and since their annotation styles are opposite -- minimal for Capablanca, detailed for Kasparov -- I might learn a thing or two.

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