21 November 2011

Been There, Done That with TWIC

After I discovered that the next article to be converted on Been There, Done That, namely Improve Your Chess Game, was already on How To Improve at Chess, I could have had a day free of blogging. Instead, I added TWIC 500! to my page on Chess History. The TWIC article, which relied already in 2004 on both Archive.org and the Google groups archives, presented a special challenge since the article to be converted was also in Archive.org. After resolving the double archive references, I managed to find all of the original material.

At the time of writing this post, the current edition of TWIC is no.888, meaning that in 112 issues -- about two years and two months -- Mark Crowther will be producing TWIC 1000. Will he reach that milestone? I certainly wouldn't bet against it.

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