04 November 2011

Life's Too Short for Chess

Here's another candidate for the 'Not Everyone Likes Chess' department (*):-

Chess is a quite repulsive game. ♪
Fills me with such frustration. ♪
And in the end my patience runs out. ♪

Life's too short for chess. ♪
Cold and calculating, such a boring mating. ♪
So give me a game of chance and there's romance.

That's Life! N°10 Stephanie De-Sykes (2:58) • 'That's Life! (1974) "World Chess Championship"'

Near the end, I don't get it at all:-

Some girls try to stay cool and play it by the rulebook. ♪
They just wind up in the end a talemate, stalemate.

Or maybe it's 'a tail made, stale maid'. ♫ La di da di da... ♫


(*) Last seen in Not Everyone Likes Chess.


Unknown said...

love this post, good job..happy to know you..

Temposchlucker said...

When somebody says to me "life is too short to play chess" I usually answer something like "When I play chess with you it will be very short"