20 May 2012

Korchnoi Busted

The latest episode of the Full English Breakfast (see FEB in May for links and whatnot), featured the recent Aronian - Kramnik match: no.21 - The Big Boys. The image accompanying the audio clip (do people still call them podcasts?) pictured the heads of the 'big boys' immortalized as bronze busts. The credit accompanying the image led to the home page of Bertrand Freiesleben, sculptor of köpfe. The photos accompanying the home page included the following image, which I've captured for posterity.

Korchnoi contemplating the bust of Kortchnoi

Although I found nothing more about the Korchnoi / Kortchnoi seance on the Freiesleben site, Google will lead you to various accounts after you supply the appropriate keywords. The Kramnik seance, which made the cover of NIC, is documented on the sculptor's site: Titelstory "New in Chess": Weltmeister Kramnik trifft Bildhauer Freiesleben ['World Champion Kramnik meets sculptor Freiesleben'].

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