28 May 2012

Tiebreaks & Quizzes

Game 12 of the Anand - Gelfand match ended in a draw, so the two players will meet one last time in a series of tiebreak games. During his commentary, GM Kramnik suggested that tiebreak games be played *before* the regular games. The purpose would be to establish draw odds for one of the players, after which the other player would be already fighting from a deficit in the first game. This was the one redeeming factor of the old system, when the champion went into the match with draw odds. Without draw odds, both players can be satisfied with a draw in each game, so short draws are acceptable when the match is even.

After the game I once again -- as in World Championship History as it Happens -- scrambled to write a post. This time I had the obvious choice to continue with Chess Quizzes for Beginners and prepared the following.

That's nine quizzes done, 27 to go. The work should go faster when the match is over.

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