30 October 2012

Gligoric Remembered

My post from a few months ago on GM Svetozar Gligoric, A Greater Degree of Risk, wasn't sufficient tribute to the great player who took many the measure of the World Champions. Chessbase.com did a four part series, starting with Svetozar Gligoric 1923-2012. The site continued with

"If you post a follow-up article on Gligoric, please don't make the mistake of other sites and simply copy & paste his win versus Petrosian from Rovinj-Zagreb from Wikipedia," wrote Kiril Penusliski. We asked the Macedonian art historian to select examples that better illustrate the unique Gligoric style, and he sent us some beautifully annotated games of his teacher and mentor.

'Remembering Svetozar Gligoric': Part one, Part two, Part three, featured the following games:-

  • Gligoric – Keres, URS-YUG 1958
  • Gligoric – Botvinnik, EU-chT (Men) 1965
  • Maric – Gligoric, Belgrade 1962
  • Smyslov – Gligoric, Candidates Tournament 1959
  • Bilek – Gligoric, Teeside 1972
  • Fischer – Gligoric, Varna ol (Men) fin 1962

Four wins with Black, against some of the best players in the world.

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