07 October 2012

The Shrinking Blogosphere?

What was I trying to do when I wrote the post about William W. Corasick? Oh, yes, it was a followup to Blog Business, the last time I updated the list of blogs I follow. These are listed under my profile Blogger: User Profile: Mark Weeks. First, and most important, I updated the TWIC feed for the news site:-

Then I deleted feeds which haven't been updated for a long time:-

Another blog which disappeared completely was:-

This last one was surprising because twice in recent years it was put forward for the CJA best blog award: 'It Speaks Volumes' (2010) and The Last Shall Be Least (2011). Another escapee to Twitter?

After deleting those ten blogs, I added three blogs that were on my list of blogs to watch. According to Blogger.com I started the exercise with 66 blogs on my list. Deleting ten and adding three brought the total to 59, which matches the new number on Blogger.com. I'm always happy when the math works.

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