10 February 2013

Dilbert on Mastering Chess

Chess is often used as an example of the ten thousand hour benchmark for attaining mastery in some activity. The last time I encountered it was in posting Fischer Psychobiography, where Joseph Ponterotto wrote in the section 'How did Bobby Fischer Get so Good',

A general consensus is that it takes about 10.000 hours of deliberate study often accrued in about ten years to reach elite performance status, regardless of the activity (chess, violin, math, computer programming, music composition, and so on).

Here's a different take on the same subject.

Puts an entirely different light on chess mastery, doesn't it? For the original comic and related comments, see Dilbert comic strip for 02/07/2013 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive. For more about 'chess 10000 hours', search on that phrase.

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