21 February 2013

Putting Faces to Names

Remember this list of Chinese players from my post Putting Names to Numbers, where I identified world top-100 players? China (CHN):-

  • 14: 2752 Wang Hao
  • 33: 2709 Ding Liren
  • 46: 2702 Wang Yue
  • 60: 2688 Yu Yangyi
  • 73: 2675 Bu Xiangzhi
  • 74: 2674 Li Chao b

The first number is the player's world rank as of 1 January 2013. Can you match the name of the star to his face in the following composite image?

Sources: All images from Wikipedia

For the solution, see the comments to this post. For more photos, use Google Images.

1 comment:

Mark Weeks said...

Starting with Wang Hao in the upper left, the photos -- left to right, top to bottom -- are in the same order as the names.