12 May 2013

Crystal for Mom

It's a happy coincidence when this fortnightly series on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, usually posted on Sunday, coincides with Mother's Day. It gives me a different angle on choosing an appropriate item as if it were a gift for someone special, like last year's Mice for Mom.

Most chess products are oriented more toward male tastes. A couple of items that I might have considered if today had been Father's Day were

Antique Mettlach Chess Kings Stein (sold for US $1800 after 1 bid), also seen last year in Stein, Mettlach (not Leonid).


Vintage Chess Computer Collection ($763.89 after 41 bids), eight chess computers of which the earliest was 'Boris by Applied Concepts (1978)' and the latest 'Novag Sapphire II (1997)'

The only item that looked suitable for Mother's Day was a 'Swarovski Crystal Chess Set', pictured below.

I've seen auctions for similar sets many times before, and never even considered them for my short list. There were two sold over the last two weeks. The first went for $526.88 after 15 bids, the second a few days later for $500, apparently 'Buy-It-Now'. The description of the first said,

Reference #155753. Full Chess set in faceted jet and clear crystal, mirror chess board. Brand new, Mint Condition in Original Box with certificate. Retail Price is $1500.00. Dimensions: 13 3/4" inches.

Why is this something I would consider buying for Mom, but not for Dad? Maybe it's me; maybe it's cultural. I really don't know.

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