26 May 2013

Lay up Your Treasures

Collector's corner? Last week, we had A Gentleman and a Scholar, a short post on GM Lothar Schmid's 'fabulous collection of chess books'. Today, on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, we have 'A Few Old Friends 1st & 2nd Limited Editions Chess Books by David Delucia'. The two books sold for US $600, 'Buy It Now'.

The description said,

Two mint copies of David Delucia's A FEW OLD FRIENDS, the first and second editions. David Delucia is the owner of the largest the largest collection of chess memorabilia in the United States and possibly the world. These two volumes are 236 and 394 pages. Hardcover. Limited editions. High quality glossy pages. Beautiful color photographs and item descriptions. It is a vast collection of all types of chess memorabilia containing significant historical items from all eras. Amazing collection.

The two pages in the image I've copied from the auction show Fischer memorabilia. Top left is an autographed copy of Fischer's article, 'The Ten Greatest Masters in History', which appeared in Chessworld, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1964). Bottom left is an address book. On the right are 'Seven first day covers from the 1966 Olympiad in Havana, all signed by Fischer'.

For more about the second edition of Delucia's book, see A Few Old Friends (NewInChess.com).

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