23 August 2013

Giant Knights

Hang on! Isn't that a domain name on the base of the statue?

Chess Piece in Grant Park © Flickr user City Running Tours Chicago under Creative Commons.

Indeed it is: thekelpies.co.uk; from their 'Story':-

The title and theme of The Kelpies as mystical water-borne equine creatures was inherited at the outset of the project, seven years ago. Since then it has evolved dramatically and in the process the ethos and function has shifted from the original concept.

For more about the statue pictured, see The Kelpies News: THE KELPIES IN CHICAGO:-

August 2012 • The Kelpies maquettes have been installed at the Field Museum, Grant Park, Chicago, overlooking Lake Michigan. They are being exhibited as part of the Chicago Sculpture International Exhibition, and will be in Chicago for 12 months.

Note the two 'Knights' in the photo.

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