12 August 2013

Wonderboy Returns

I'll take a short break from my series on Magnus Carlsen, last seen in Video Interviews, to insert an *unpaid* commercial announcement. Throughout the series, I've made frequent use of GM Agdestein's 'Wonderboy' (New in Chess, 2004), for example, in Working with Wonderboy.

The book was recently reissued under a new title: How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World (newinchess.com). That New in Chess product page informs,

The fairy-tale-like story of Magnus Carlsen’s rise is told by Simen Agdestein, who trained Magnus in the years leading up to his grandmaster title, repeatedly pinching himself in amazement at his pupil’s lightning progress. [...] PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS 'WONDERBOY'.

Something tells me that the new publication is related to Carlsen's upcoming World Championship title match with Anand. Something else tells me that the book is guaranteed to be a best seller.

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