03 January 2014

'Chess for Africa' on Youtube

In the upcoming FIDE presidential election, African chess federations are destined to play a key role in determining the winner. Both of the opponents, Ilyumzhinov and Kasparov, have identified 'Chess in School' as an important plank in their respective platforms. Is this professionally made video associated with either of them?

African Chess Impressions 2013 (7:22) • '"Chess for Africa" is dedicated to the implementation of methodical chess lessons at Primary Schools throughout Africa.'

Chess for Africa: 'This channel is meant for the training of teachers wishing to become a chess teacher/ chess coach at Primary Schools.' The opening credits mention the Deutsche Schachstiftung ['German Chess Foundation'] and MedienLB. See also 1.1 Introduction - Chess for Teachers at Primary Schools in South Africa.

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