21 September 2014

Caveat Fischer - Spassky 1992

In this ongoing series titled Top eBay Chess Items by Price, Fischer - Spassky items aren't exactly unusual. The most recent example was 'RARE! Signed poster 1992 World Chess Championship BOBBY FISCHER/BORIS SPASSKY', which sold for US $750.00, Buy-It-Now. Note that this is from the second (non-title) match in 1992, not the title match in 1972.

The description added,

One of five I was told existing. This piece is a wonderful collectors item for any chess enthusiast. It was enlarged in pre-collapsed Russia of a photo taken by chess photographer Kevin Dyke. Its of the final check-mate move. I was given this poster as a taxi tip and had it authenticated and appraised by a auction house.

In those five sentences are at least five statements I could take issue with. Add this auction to the mini-series Caveat Fischer - Spassky.

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