04 November 2014

November 1964 'On the Cover'

These days, when you receive a monthly chess magazine -- whether paper or electronic -- that says, for example, October 1964 'On the Cover', you get it at the beginning of October. Fifty years ago, the chronology wasn't so obvious. When, for example, were the following November 1964 covers received?

Left: 'Festival of Chess'
Right: 'Leads U.S. Team Again'

Chess Life

A festival that featured living chess pieces was held in Sukhumi, USSR, to mark the end of the World Challengers Tournament for Women, played there in October. (Sovfoto)

Chess Review

Samuel Reshevsky is scheduled to play first board for the U.S. team in the Olympiad in Israel this month. Pal Benko will defend second board.

CL: I have a page on the 'Challengers Tournament' at World Chess Championship (Women) : 1964 Candidates Tournament (missing playoff info and PGN; is it time to fix?). The event finished at the beginning of October. The lead story in the November 1964 issue of CL, about the Armed Forces Championship, says that it finished 13 November.

CR: Samuel Reshevsky... Pal Benko... i.e. no Fischer. Does everyone remember the story? Olimpbase.org has a page on the event at 16th Chess Olympiad: Tel Aviv 1964, which started at the beginning of November and ended the same month. The first news page in that issue of CR, titled 'The World of Chess', covered 15 recent events. None of the reports said when the event took place. Let's see when our two magazines report on the 1964 Olympiad. (A suivre)

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