24 November 2014

Carlsen - Anand, Game 11 and Match

Argh! It was just as I feared in Carlsen - Anand, Game 11.

If [Carlsen] wins, the match will be over and I will have missed all the excitement!

By the time I was able to sneak away from the dinner party and watch the game, it was all over. Carlsen had won game and match. No more World Championship games for two full years!

When I finally returned home, I watched the game video from start to finish, but knowing the outcome spoiled the suspense.

FIDE World Championship Match - Press Conference Carlsen - Game 11 (19:09) • 'With the win in Game 11, Magnus Carlsen became World Chess Champion and retained his title against challenger Viswanathan Anand.'

GM Anand was gracious in defeat: FIDE World Championship Match - Press Conference Anand - Game 11. 'It was a bad gamble and I was punished.'

Congratulations, GM Carlsen! The entire chess world is looking to you as their leader for the coming years.

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