09 December 2014

Carlsen - Anand II, Chess Press Overview

Just like last year's Carlsen - Anand, Chess Press Overview (2013), let's have one more post about the this year's edition (2014) of the World Championship title match.

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  Ilyumzhinov, Putin meet, discuss Sochi matchWCh Sochi: personalities, players and seconds Garry Kasparov On The World Championship
07 Nov: Sochi Opening: Anand draws white for game one Anand To Start World Championship Match With White Pieces
08 Nov: Sochi WCh G1: Climbing back up Mount Olympus Game 1 Carlsen-Anand World Championship: Draw
09 Nov: World Championship 02: Carlsen strikes first Magnus Carlsen Wins Game 2 In Sochi World Championship
10 Nov: Sochi WCh G2: A day to remember  
11 Nov: Sochi G3: Anand strikes back – with a vengeance!Sochi WCh G3: The Tiger roars Vishy Anand Wins Game 3, Levels Score In Sochi World Championship
12 Nov: Sochi G4: Level game ends in Draw Carlsen-Anand World Championship Game 4: Draw
13 Nov: Who will win the match?  
14 Nov: Sochi G5: A few palpitations, but no heart attack Carlsen-Anand World Championship Game 5: Another Draw
15 Nov: Sochi G6: Carlsen won, Anand missed big chance Magnus Carlsen Wins Dramatic Game 6 In Sochi World Championship
16 Nov: Chess blindness of the Champions  
17 Nov: Sochi G7: Unbreakable Anand Anand Holds Draw In 2nd-Longest World Championship Game Ever
18 Nov: Sochi G8: An easy draw for Carlsen Anand Gets Nothing From Opening, Short Draw In Game 8
19 Nov:    
20 Nov: Sochi G9: A quick draw tightens the noose Lifeless Draw in Game 9 Of Carlsen-Anand
21 Nov: Sochi G10: Unrealized opportunities Magnus Carlsen Holds As Black In Game 10, Maintains Lead In Sochi
22 Nov:    
23 Nov: Sochi G11: In dramatic finale, Carlsen retains title Carlsen Wins, Defends World Championship Title In 11th Game
25 Nov: World Championship Sochi: Closing Ceremony Wrapping Up The World Championship
  Carlsen interview after the matchKasparov: The quality of the games was not so highCarlsen analyzes the World Championship (1/2)(2/2) An Interview With Ilya Merenzon, Organizer of Carlsen-Anand

If I really wanted to do a thorough job, I would add some of the video series on the match. Good idea! I might just do that...

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