29 December 2014

TMERs: Kasparov in Africa

Year end holiday weeks travel in pairs. Just like last week's post, TMERs: Kasparov's Travels Enhanced ('little time for blogging and even less for side projects'), this week's post is the product of limited resources.

My working file, Garry Kasparov's Travels During His 2014 FIDE Campaign, shows a number of extended trips by Kasparov to different regions of the world. Of particular interest is Africa, which he visited in July 2013 (before announcing his FIDE ambitions), in January-February 2014, and in May 2014.

The expert on chess in Africa must be Dr. Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum (thechessdrum.net). To get a better picture of Kasparov's campaigns in Africa, I assembled a list of the Drum's posts covering the same period as my working file. The list starts six months before Kasparov's formal announcement.

TMER : Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record

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