02 April 2015

April 1965 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago My Fair Lady won eight awards at the 37th Academy Awards. What were U.S chess publications reporting?

Left: 'XXXII Soviet Championship'
Right: 'The Winning Move'

Chess Life

As reported in out last issue, the XXXIInd Soviet Championship, played in Kiev, was won by Viktor Korchnoi. This month we feature a selection of games from this event, many of them notable for sharp tactical play in the openings and early middle game. The caricatures of Korchnoi and Bronstein are taken from the Soviet tournament bulletins.

To play through the two featured cover games, see

on Chessgames.com.

Chess Review

'Twas a Black Knight for Samuel Reshevsky's opponent when Sam made his winning move! The cover photo may be a posed one; and the caption someone's idea of a gag, but Reshevsky did make just enough winning moves to regain a National First ranking by winning the First National Chess Open Championship (distinct from the U.S. Open and the regular U.S. Championship) held at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Two months earlier, Reshevsky figured in another photo from the same event on a Chess Life cover; see February 1965 'On the Cover'. What was the gag caption? 'The Winning Move'?

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