03 April 2015

Chess @ Post Memes

'How Chess Was Invented' (top to bottom, left to right):-

- BK: 'The castle has fallen!'
- [The White King (WK) waits for the Black King (BK) to enter]
- BK: 'Your reign is over, Sour King!'
- WK: 'Nevah!'
- BK: 'Crap'

How Chess Was Invented © Flickr user Post Memes under Creative Commons.

No, I don't get it either. A related link, postmemes.com/how-chess-was-invented, explains exactly zip. The domain name at the bottom of the comic leads to Things in Squares: thingsinsquares.com/chess, but that doesn't help either. Looks like you had to be there.

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