21 August 2015

Watered Down Chess

For this edition of Video Friday, I couldn't decide which clip I liked better.

1) Too little water...

ZIP EXPERIMENTS : Can A Glass of Water Help a Kid Beat Chess Grandmaster? (2:14) • 'It’s all too easy to take water for granted, it’s almost everywhere and it’s free. But new scientific research is suggesting that regularly drinking plain old H2O may give you remarkable powers.' • For more about the experiment, see Zip Experiment 4. Poor GM Rogers!

2) Or too much water...

The 2015 Diving Chess World Championship (1:53) • 'The Diving Chess World Championship took place on August 9, 2015 at the Third Space Gym in Soho, London. [...] Diving Chess is like normal chess but played in a swimming pool with submerged chessboard. Each player can only think as long as they are able to hold their breath.'

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