22 September 2016

Agon Presentation

Yesterday on my other chess blog I posted about World Chess Championship Buzz -- Agon, sponsors, virtual reality -- that sort of thing. The embedded video includes a presentation from the press conference that sometimes flashes by before you can comprehend it. I captured the individual slides from the presentation, combined them using the same technique (*) as in Chess Comics No.7: Punch Animated GIF (May 2014), and produced the following animation.

If, for whatever reason, it's still too hard to read, the time when each slide is presented in the video is visible at the bottom of the frame, next to the speaker icon. The last slide says, 'On sale 12 November 2016', but I'm nearly certain that should be '12 September 2016', the date of the press conference.

There are a ton of interesting ideas in the presentation. Can Agon make a success of it?

(*) See gifmaker.me.

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