01 September 2016

September 1966 'On the Cover'

In last month's 'On the Cover', I boldly forecast,

I predict that next month's 'On the Cover' will feature the Piatigorsky Cup for both magazines.

And so it is.

Left: '(no caption)'; Spassky - Unzicker
Right: 'Piatigorsky Cup Tournament'; Petrosian - Spassky, Reshevsky - Fischer

Chess Life

SPASSKY TAKES CUP • Fisher [sic] Surge Half Point Short • Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union, playing with unshakable consistency throughout, went undefeated through eighteen grueling rounds of play to capture the Second Piatigorsky Cup Tournament, held in Santa Monica, California July 17 to August 15. Although Spassky was rarely in danger of losing a game, he did have to withstand a dramatic challenge by U.S. Champion Robert J. Fischer, who came from far behind to tie for first place with two rounds remaining.

Chess Review

2nd PIATIGORSKY CUP TOURNAMENT • Spassky First, Undefeated; Fischer Stages Sensational Rally, Cops Second

The tournament book for 1966 Santa Monica is one of my all-time favorites, largely because most games were annotated by both players. World Champion Petrosian annotated every game he played in the event; ditto for his title challenger of a few months earlier, Spassky.

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