20 January 2017

A Lonely Knight

Who hasn't been there?

Losin' You © Flickr user Oliver Symens under Creative Commons.

The description said,

Feel free to use this image for any commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you provide an attribution link to symensphotographie.me.

Done. Among tags like 'Funny', 'Lonely', 'Sad', and 'Love Sick', was 'Conceptual'. What does it mean? From Wikipedia:-

Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea. There have been illustrative photographs made since the medium's invention, for example in the earliest staged photographs, such as Hippolyte Bayard's 'Self Portrait as a Drowned Man' (1840). However, the term 'Conceptual Photography' derives from 'Conceptual Art' a movement of the late 1960s. Today the term is used to describe either a methodology or a genre. • Conceptual photography

I'm not sure that really explains anything. Maybe it would help if I understood what 'conceptual art' meant.


Follow-up: Chess in Conceptual Art (March 2017).

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