30 January 2017

Korchnoi's TMER 1976-2000

Before continuing last week's post, Korchnoi's Career 1945-1977 (on Paper), I had to do a little clean-up on Viktor Korchnoi's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (1946-1977; TMER). When I started the project, I used two different PGN files to get an overview of his career during the period 1976-2000:-

  • Korchnoi's Events 1977-1996 • 'I chose one of the files, extracted all games from 1977 and afterwards (2130 games, including many duplicates), and loaded the PGN headers into a database. The file I chose had no information in the PGN '[Event]' tag, so I was forced to work with the '[Site]' tag. This tag had never been standardized and I found over 730 different combinations of year/site, covering the period 1977-1996.' (1 August 2016)

  • Korchnoi's Events 1976-2000 • 'The original PGN file I used for that 1977-1996 post appears to have been from the 1990s UPITT collection and was named KORCH2PG.ZIP. [...] I found a second ZIP file in my own archive, originally from GM Khalifman's GMchess.com site. [...] The original file contained 3832 Korchnoi games, of which 2282 were from the years 1976 to 2001.' (22 August 2016)

That left two tables covering the period 1976-2000, which was one too many. I combined them into a single table and updated the TMER accordingly. While the result is far from perfect, it's still better than what I had before. Next step: Order the events chronologically on this portion of the TMER.

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