15 June 2017

Fischer and Chess Review 'On the Cover'

Earlier this month, in June 1967 'On the Cover', I asked the question

Chess Review: how many times through the years was Fischer featured?

This led to two posts where I didn't answer the question...

...but now I can give a partial answer: 15 times through the beginning of 1964.

Those 15 covers include the 12 shown above plus three marked with an asterix ('*') in the following list:-

  • 1956-01: *; see 'Bobby's First "On the Cover"'
  • 1956-12: 'Game of the Century'; 3rd Rosenwald
  • 1957-04: 'Meeting of Extremes'; match with Euwe
  • 1958-02: 'Youngest Champion'; U.S. Championship & qualification to interzonal
  • 1958-05: 'CBS had a secret'; Garry Moore and 'I've Got a Secret'; see also The Best Fischer Clip Ever (February 2008)
  • 1959-02: * (same photo as 1958-02); 'Champion Again!'; 5th Rosenwald & U.S. Championship
  • 1959-03: *; 'Composite View of U.S. Championship', (incl. same photo as 1958-02)
  • 1960-02: 'Anti-Climax'; U.S. Championship (Rosenwald Trophy), 3rd straight win
  • 1960-12: 'The USA Team'; World Team Championship, 1960 Leipzig (NB: word 'Olympiad' not used)
  • 1961-02: 'Fourth Straight Year'; the accompanying article explained, 'Known officially as the Lessing J. Rosenwald Tournament for the U.S. Chess Championship and Frank J. Marshall Trophy, 1960-1961'
  • 1962-04: 'Fischer Forges Forward'; 1962 Stockholm Interzonal
  • 1962-05: 'Fischer Lauded at the Marshall Chess Club'; winner of 1962 Stockholm Interzonal; also shown are Caroline Marshall and John W. Collins
  • 1963-02: 'Champ Fifth Time'
  • 1963-10: 'U.S. Champion Splurges in Swisses'; Western Open & N.Y. State Open
  • 1964-02: 'Study in Concentration'; U.S. Championship (+11-0=0)

With March 1964 'On the Cover' (March 2014), I started a monthly look at the covers from 50 years ago of both Chess Life and Chess Review (CR). Fischer on a subsequent CR cover was first documented in July 1965 'On the Cover' (July 2015). The 'On the Cover' series has two more years to run, after which I'll make a final tally of Fischer CR covers.

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