02 June 2017

1.h4 h5 2.g4 g5

With 419.113 views and 12.161 likes, this sketch from Studio C (youtube.com; BYUTV) must be funny, right? After all, the 'C' in 'Studio C' stands for comedy.

A Chess Player Prodigy (4:49) • 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Even a chess playing prodigy?? Well get ready to sweep up the floors cause your jaw is going to DROP!'

To see the 1.760 comments, use the usual trick of right-click on the video. Those numbers are all very impressive, but I have a problem: I couldn't muster as much as a chuckle. The 'BYU' in BYUTV stands for Brigham Young University, so it must be a generational difference. Maybe I'll have better luck with the non-chess sketches on the 'Studio C' channel.

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