24 November 2017

How About a Game of 3D-Chess?

Three dimensional chess, three dimensional chess, three dimensional chess...

Does It Take A Genius To Play 3D Chess? We Asked The Masters (5:56) • 'In order to fully unpack the metaphor, VICE News (HBO) spoke with 3D Chess experts to find out what the game actually is, and if [President] Trump would be any good at it.'

The clip features Mike Klein, Leroy Dubeck ('the mastermind behind the world's most beloved version of multi-dimensional chess'), and Tony Britton ('Founder, Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League'). The VICE News description for the video added,

Donald Trump supporters [tout] his ability to see moves ahead of his political adversaries. Even after some of his more baffling policy decisions or tweets, they claim Trump is playing 3D Chess, making moves massively more complicated and clever than normal people can comprehend. Most people have never sat down to play a game of 3D chess, and probably only know of the game from a brief scene in a 1976 episode of Star Trek, where Kirk and Spock play it on futuristic glass board on the Enterprise.

What's VICE News? Wikipedia's Vice News says,

Vice News (stylized as VICE News) is Vice Media, Inc.'s current affairs channel, producing daily documentary essays and video through its website and YouTube channel. It promotes itself on its coverage of "under-reported stories". Vice News was created in December 2013 and is based in New York City, though it has bureaus worldwide

The 'Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League' is a Facebook group -- Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League (with rules and notation) -- lightly maintained in connection with Facebook's Tri-Dimensional Chess.

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