24 December 2017

London Chess Conference 2017

After the transition on this blog from the long series on Chess in School (Summarized; October 2016), to the current series on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016), I skipped a year featuring a video from the London Chess and Education Conference. The first three years were:-

The video summarizing the 2017 conference is the following.

KVDC London Chess Conference 2017 Impressions (12:04) • 'Published on Dec 10, 2017'

I found a total of 12 similar videos from the same conference, all labeled 'KVDC London Chess Conference 2017':-

For the conference program, which lists all speakers in order, see 2017 Programme : London Chess Conference 2017 The videos from 2016, the year I missed, can be found on the same YouTube channel (the 'KVD' portion of 'KVDC'): Karel van Delft (search?query=london).

Writing this post reminded me that I still haven't looked at all of the videos flagged in the recent post, Chess Educators of the Year (November 2017). That makes more than enough material to keep me busy during the yearend holiday season.

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