09 April 2023

2023 Nepo - Ding, Opening Press Conference

Today is the first game of the 2023 Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren; Astana (Kazakhstan). This video is from the earlier press conference.

FIDE World Championship Match - Press Conference (44:26) • '[Published on] Apr 8, 2023'

There is almost no description for the video, so I'll have to fall back on the comments. A comment translated from the Russian language said,

There were two personalities who did not know English: the [Russian] translator and Ding. Trouble.

I can't comment on the Russian translator, but other comments said similar. As for Ding, I thought that, given the circumstances, he handled himself well enough. He just needs to warm up. Another comment said,

The microphone quality is embarrassing (or post production sound editing is really bad). Did nobody notice this before uploading? Also, maybe put in the description where/when to watch the games? I'm stunned that FIDE is doing such a poor job of promoting this match.

I'm watching the first game on the same Youtube channel that provided this video -- FIDE chess (youtube.com) -- and during the first hour of the game the production was less than impressive: audio problems, loss of the video feed, no player clocks visible, confusion between the live game and the commentators' analysis. I'll give the Kazakhs a second chance, but an alternative is How To Watch FIDE World Chess Championship Game 1 (chess.com).

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